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Bonds Exempt from OK Estate Tax

The following bonds are exempt from Oklahoma Estate Tax:

  • Oklahoma Turnpike Bonds [See Title 69 O.S. 1701],
  • 1993 issue of Oklahoma Building Bonds and COllege Savings Bonds [See Title 69 ).S. Sec. 1714 and Tite 62 O.S. Sec. 57.305(C).],
  • Oklahoma General Obligation Bonds (OK Bld Bonds of 1992 Series A and Series B) [See Title 62 O.S. Sec. 57.300],
  • Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority Revenue Bonds [See Title 11 O.S. Sec. 24]
  • Oklahoma Industrial Authority Revenue Bonds [See Title 62 O.S. Sec..659], and
  • Oklahoma Capotol Improvement Authority Bonds [See Title 73 o>S. Sec. 168.6 and Title 73 O.S. Sec. 177.1]